Howdy Johnny Shoulder Tote Bag BWC

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2-way tote with plenty of pockets that can be used on the shoulder or handheld, depicting the scene of a departure with charming Carrie-chan.

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Shoulder tote bag with handles

Original goods printed with characters from "Howdy Johnny," a short animation series about Bear and Wolf who lives in the mountains.  This shoulder tote bag is made of durable material, holds a lot of things, and has pockets inside and outside, with ease of use as the top priority.

-Calculated shoulder strap length

A shoulder tote that can be slung over the shoulder is perfect for more active situations such as riding a bike or motorcycle, as it frees up both hands. The length of the shoulder straps is slightly shortened to ensure a good fit with the body and a beautiful appearance when worn over the shoulder.

-Three pockets in total

The inside pocket has a zipper, so you can put your valuables in there. The side pockets on both sides of the outside are a little larger and can hold large diameter bottles. One of the side pockets has a snap button, so you can use it to hold your phone, which you take in and out frequently.

-With handle to switch to hand-held

If you get tired of wearing it on your shoulder all the time, you can hold it by the handles sewn on the inside. This is a surprisingly important point, and the presence or absence of a handle makes a difference in the resistance to fatigue.

The shoulder tote bag does not have a zipper at the mouth.
*Gray is discontinued.

Click here for the feature blog
Note: This blog is only available in Japanese. The English page is under construction, sorry!

"Let's make the outdoor culture more exciting."
Howdy Johnny was born from this idea.
The story is set in the mountains and involves Bear, Wolf, and sometimes even people.
We aim to make everyone happy for 2 minutes, even for those
 who are not interested in the outdoors will smile and laugh.
Now, please enjoy the talk of Bear and Wolf today!
Click HERE for HOWDY JOHNNY official channel.

Note: HOWDY JOHNNY official channel is only available in Japanese, sorry!

Product name
HWJ Shoulder Tote Bag BWC
330 g
About W400mm × D110mm × H370mm
Raw materials
Cotton (body) / copper (snap button) / nylon (zipper)
Country of origin

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