Howdy Johnny Wallmug Sleek CF

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The logo of "Camping Fellows,"  the theme of Howdy Johnny's work is printed. The Sleek is a tumbler that can be used in the sense of take out cup.

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A 300ml double wall tumbler with a take-out cup motif.

These original goods are printed with the logo of "Camping Fellows," the theme of the short anime Howdy Johnny, in which Bear and Wolf are active in the mountains.

Not to mention the size and silhouette, the way it feels when you brew a cup of coffee and hold it in your hand is just like a takeout cup. That's not surprising. The idea was to develop a tumbler that can be used for a long time without being disposable, while maintaining the familiar look. 

-A generous size for about two cups of coffee

The actual capacity of 300ml is about the size of two cups of coffee. Therefore, if you imagine a single take-out cup, it may seem a little large at first for women or people with small hands. However, some people say that this size is perfect for daily use.

-Double-layered structure to prevent the body from getting hot

The double-layered design of the cup prevents it from becoming too hot to hold even when filled with hot drinks, and also prevents condensation from forming on cold drinks.

-Light, unbreakable, and durable tumbler

When carrying a tumbler, you may be concerned about its lightness and durability. The Sleek is lightweight and unbreakable, and when combined with the Micro Coffee Dripper, it becomes a portable coffee maker set that you will want to take with you not only for daily use, but also for outdoor activities and travel.


"Let's make the outdoor culture more exciting."
Howdy Johnny was born from this idea.
The story is set in the mountains and involves bears, wolves, and sometimes even people.
We aim to make everyone happy for 2 minutes, even for those
 who are not interested in the outdoors will smile and laugh.
Now, please enjoy the talk of Bear and Wolf today!
HOWDY JOHNNY official channel is HERE

Product name
HWJ Wallmug Sleek CF
350 ml (300 ml of actual capacity)
Approximately 118g
About W90mm × D90mm × H130mm
Raw materials
Polypropylene (cup, lid) / thermoplastic elastomer (lid) / silicone rubber (lid)
Heatproof temperature
Cold resistance temperature
Country of origin

· You can not use the microwave.
· Please do not use dishwasher and bleach to avoid the prints peeling off.

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