Howdy Johnny Zipper Top Tote Bag BEAR

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We printed the curious Bear who suddenly appeared out of the forest. This large size tote has an attractive storage capacity.

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A large zipped tote bag with excellent storage capacity

Original goods printed with characters from "Howdy Johnny," a short animation series about Bear and Wolf who lives in the mountains. The goal was to create the ultimate standard tote bag that is "a little bigger and can hold everything. Furthermore, it has four pockets inside and outside, is easy to carry on the shoulder, and has a zipper. It is such a multifunctional tote that once you use it, you will never want to let it go.

-High storage capacity with gussets.

This is a product that has gussets and a lot of storage capacity, but because it is made of tough yet soft and supple 16oz canvas fabric, it is not bulky and will quickly become familiar after use.

-Four pockets in total

The fact that it can hold a lot of things can lead to difficulty in finding what is inside. That's why we decided to add two pockets inside and two outside. One of the outside pockets has a snap button, so it can be used to hold your phone, which you frequently take in and out. The other outside pocket is perfect for a drink bottle.

-Full zipper top design for valuables

A large size 8 zipper is used on the top. The mouth can be securely closed, so it can be used safely even when traveling or in crowded places.

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"Let's make the outdoor culture more exciting."
Howdy Johnny was born from this idea.
The story is set in the mountains and involves Bear, Wolf, and sometimes even people.
We aim to make everyone happy for 2 minutes, even for those
 who are not interested in the outdoors will smile and laugh.
Now, please enjoy the talk of Bear and Wolf today!
Click HERE for HOWDY JOHNNY official channel.

Note: HOWDY JOHNNY official channel is only available in Japanese, sorry!

Product name
HWJ Zipper Top Tote Bag BEAR
560 g
About W550mm × D150mm × H310mm
Raw materials
Cotton (body) / zinc alloy (slider) / copper (snap button) / polyester resin, nylon (zipper)
Country of origin

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