Loop Air 500 Sauna Boy Set Clear

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A reusable bottle set for sauna lovers. Co-created with SAUNA BOY, an anonymous creative group.

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The drinkware which sauna lovers wanted.

"Loop Air 500" is an ideal bottle for room temperature drinks, which are recommended for post-sauna rehydration. The "Locker Key Band" can be used as a bottle marker too. These two items and the "Sauna Boy Sticker" are in a set, available in limited quantities.

-Printing the "Sauna Wolf", a lone wolf who loves sauna

The main graphic of the bottle is the pop and cute "Sauna Wolf" by illustrator YAMADA ZOMBIE. And the well-known copy of "WASH YOUR BODY BEFORE THE SAUNA" and the collaboration original message "DON'T FORGET TO DRINK AFTER THE SAUNA" are printed on each sides.

-The "Room temperature bottle" ideal for rehydration after sauna

After taking a sauna bath, we tend to reach for cold drinks, but what is healthier for the body is room temperature water that does not rapidly lower the body temperature. Loop Air is a lightweight plastic bottle designed for room temperature drinks. The size is 500 ml, which is just right for a single hydration.

-A "scale" printed to prevent forgetting to rehydrate

The contents can be seen at a glance with a 50 ml scale, so you can always know how much you have drunk. You can also enjoy "Oropo" a well-known sauna drink in Japan, in your own favorite formula. *Carbonated drinks cannot be carried with the lid closed.

-A nostalgic Locker-key style multi-band

A retro-inspired accessory in the style of a Japanese public bath locker key. Based on SAUNA BOY's popular key holder, this accessory was designed from scratch for this collaboration. It can be used not only as a key holder, but also as a bottle marker to identify your own bottle at a glance at rest areas.


An apparel brand started by an anonymous group of sauna-loving creatives, the brand has collaborated with various brands, characters, and media beyond the boundaries of the industry, including BEAMS, DANNER, SANRIO, and GO OUT, and has released a series of items they want to take to the sauna.

Product name
Loop Air 500 Sauna Boy Set
500 ml
Bottle:About 116 g
Keyholder:About 9g
Sticker:About 1g
Bottle:About W70mm x D70mm x H210mm (Bore size: About 21mm)
Keyholder:About W58mm x D88mm x H10mm
Sticker:About W11.5mm x D28mm x H1mm
Raw materials
Bottle:copolyester*PET (bottle body) / polypropylene (lid, handle) / stainless steel (pin)
Sticker:Paper Water repellent, no UV-cut processing
Heatproof temperature
90 ° C (bottle body), 140 ° C (lid)
Cold resistance temperature
-40 ° C (bottle body, lid)
Country of origin
Microwave / dishwasher can not be used.

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