Reuse Bottle S500SR
Reuse Bottle S500SR
Reuse Bottle S500SR
Reuse Bottle S500SR
Reuse Bottle S500SR
Reuse Bottle S500SR
Reuse Bottle S500SR
Reuse Bottle S500SR
Reuse Bottle S500SR

Reuse Bottle S500SR

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Lightweight single-walled water bottle with a capacity of 500ml. Slim and tough with a delicate glassy look, it can be used in a variety of ways depending on your ideas.

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A must-have, all-purpose bottle

At first glance, this simple reusable bottle looks like it could be found anywhere, but its capabilities are beyond imagination. Despite of tough materials it uses, its appearance is delicate, slim, and glass-like. With a splash guard, it guards against overflowing drinks and the ice you put inside.

-Simple slim design
The slim bottle takes up little space in your bag or on your desk. Also, unlike mugs without lids, you don't have to worry about your drink spilling on your desk where you have your computer.

-Splash guard included
The splash guard prevents drinks and ice from overflowing.
You don't have to worry about it spilling on your clothes.

-Cold brewed coffee and drinks using tea leaves
With the optional strainer, you can easily make cold brew coffee, black tea or green tea using tea leaves.

-It can also be used as a storage container or a shaker, depending on your ideas
Because of its simplicity, it can be used in many ways other than as a water bottle. You can use it to store food when you are climbing mountains. You can use it as a storage container for dry foods at home. You can also use it as a shaker after the gym.

Product name
Reuse Bottle S500SR
500 ml
About W65mm × D65mm × H198mm
Raw materials
Saturated polyester resin (bottle body) / ABS resin (Lid inside) / polypropylene (splash guard) / stainless steel (Lid outside)
Heatproof temperature
90 ° C (Bottle Body) / 110 ° C (Lid) / 160 ° C (Splash Guard)
Cold resistance temperature
-40 ° C (bottle body, lid, splash guard)
Country of origin
Microwave / dishwasher can not be used.

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